Job Developers Network

The Job Developers Network (JDN) is working to address the challenges faced by today’s London and area employers.

Members of the JDN work at one of our community employment organizations and have access to the largest and most diverse pool of talent in the area.

Members work closely with employers to identify the skills, education and experience required by their employees.

Members provide a screened selection of potential hires based on matches from a wide pool of job seekers.

All JDN members are committed to the long-term success of their employer clients, and so area employers benefit from:

Sharing of opportunities through all JDN members through one contact person
• On-the-job training and other post-hiring supports
• Possible funding through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant
• Mentorship programs for interested employers
• Compliance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

Please click here for a list of JDN members, including links to their websites.

All services are offered to employers on a no-fee basis.

Our Promise

Members of the JDN are committed to uncompromised employer service, including appointments scheduled at the employer’s convenience and prompt and professional responses to all inquiries. All members recognize that London and area employers have various choices when it comes to hiring, including internal referrals and external agencies, and so are committed to building long-term relationships with employers and to seeing that employers fill many of their hiring and talent needs through the JDN.

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