LMI Training Website

Employment Sector Council London-Middlesex (ESCLM) now offers Labour Market Information (LMI): A Common Approach Training for our community’s employment and guidance counsellors in the use of labour market information (LMI) to better assist individuals in employment and career planning.

The key training outcome is a common, consistent, and high quality community-wide approach to recognizing and using good LMI with students and/or job seekers. 

LMI – A Common Approach Training:

  • strengthens client-centred service;
  • enhances professional development of employment professionals and educators;
  • provides an innovative and consistent community-based response to local labour market adjustment, and employment and workforce strategies;
  • ensures service delivery excellence across London area networks and services

(This standardized and community-wide approach to using LMI parallels the successful Common Assessment Process that all ESCLM members use for consistent employment action planning)

Course Instruction provides participants with a comprehensive and current overview of Local Labour Market Information and resources, and the tools for using these to assist clients/ students with employment and career planning: 

  1. Learn a standard (common) approach to using LMI
  2. Match LMI to the stages in Career Management
  3. Identify sources of local LMI
  4. Explore value, benefits and limitations of LMI sources
  5. Identify gaps in local LMI

LMI Training Website