In 1999, ESCLM with significant collaboration with consultants, member agencies, clients, and funders, initiated and led the development of the Service Delivery Standards for the purpose of:

(a) strengthening employment and training service to participants by ensuring that complete and high quality services are provided by its member agencies, and

(b) demonstrating to clients, funders, employers, and other service providers that these services provide the accepted quality of service for the London Middlesex area.

It all started with a simple question: Given that employment is one of the pillars that communities are built on, what is the best way to bring employment services to those who need them? Fortunately there are numerous organizations available to assist those seeking work or those seeking employees, but how can optimized service delivery be assured?

The answer is OneClient.

OneClient ensures a “no wrong door” approach and guarantees that regardless of where clients enters the system, they will be treated with the same dignity and respect they deserve and will receive consistent high quality service across service agencies.

The OneClient approach is simple, effective and proven:

1)    By focusing on the client, we can be more efficient and effective

2)    By working together, we can serve our clients better

3)    By helping our clients gain employment, we can build community

OneClient was developed over a ten year period with input from over 40 organizations in the not-for-profit, education and training sectors, as well as from all three levels of government. The result is a formalized employment service delivery system that recognizes the unique needs of individual communities and organizations.