The ESCLM and WIL recognize the importance of the privacy and protection of participating members’ information.  Distribution lists are not shared. Every transaction involving the handling of personal data (collection, use, transfer, disclosure, storage, accessing, processing, etc.) will continue to be conducted in a private manner in accordance with privacy laws.

Personal information may be required in connection with your application to become a Member, contact us or sign-up for our newsletter.  If you provide the ESCLM with such personal information, you agree that the ESCLM may use this information and disclose it to others only for the purpose of processing your application to become an ESCLM Member, respond to your request or add you to our distribution lists.  

ESCLM Members are often invited to have their organization profiled on the ESCLM Website.  You are responsible for ensuring that all information provided to the ESCLM for posting on the ESCLM Website is accurate, up-to-date and complies with all applicable laws. The ESCLM and WIL accept no responsibility for inaccurate or unlawful information. The ESCLM and WIL reserve the right to delete any information you provide in the event that it contains any information that violates any applicable law.