The ESCLM Rapid Response Project is a sector-wide strategy for responding to significant layoffs and plant closures in the London-Middlesex region. The ESCLM was invited by the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities to develop a process that could respond to increasing requests from Action Centres and companies to provide employment services quickly and effectively. With our comprehensive network and capacity of services, the ESCLM took up the challenge and in May 2009, the Labour Adjustment Working Group was formed to spearhead this project.

First Community Contact

In consultation with ESCLM membership, this working group has designed a protocol that brings together a pool of qualified staff able to respond promptly and efficiently to area lay-offs or plant closures. This pool of staff contains individuals who are:

  • Employed by one of ESCLM’s member agencies
  • Certified in Common Assessment Process (CAP) training
  • Experienced in client needs assessment
  • Experienced in completing a client Return-To-Work Employment Action Plan
  • Able to offer accurate and comprehensive knowledge of community resources
  • Experienced in working with adult and mature clients

This initiative also includes a training course for Action Centre staff that provides an understanding of the Common Assessment Process (CAP) that is used by the pool of employment counsellors working with their clients. It also informs Action Centre staff about the employment and training services available in their community to best serve client needs.

Standards for Service Delivery

The delivery of employment counselling services within this project is guided by the practices used in the employment and training sector in London-Middlesex. These protocols and systems form the foundation of our commitment to providing high-quality, client-centred service:

OneClient Standards for Employment and Training Service Delivery

Common Assessment Process

Information Sharing Agreement

Principles for the Protection of Personal Information