Who We Are

The Employment Sector Council London-Middlesex (ESCLM) is a network of over 45 organizations serving clients in the employment and training sector in the City of London and Middlesex County Ontario. Our members include non-profit & public employment service delivery agencies, employers, trainers, educators and representatives from all three levels of government.

Our network provides strategic solutions for job seekers, employers, and our community. Shared training for employment planning, standards for high quality service delivery, client referral, tracking and information sharing agreements, and common technology platforms designed and delivered by the ESCLM have enabled solid, collaborative working relationships. This translates into greater efficiency and effectiveness, maximization of resources, and a client-centered, modern community infrastructure. Pro-actively, the ESCLM designs, develops and implements strategies that address human resource issues affecting the employment and training sector.

ESCLM Background Handout PDF

ESCLM Referral Chart and Map

Our Network Offers

A cohesive and experienced network of providers committed to a participant-centered model approach, resulting in any array of services specifically targeted to the needs of those in employment transition
An employer responsive network for information sharing and data collection to facilitate business attraction and retention, as well as access to job seekers in conjunction with community partners
A planning and feedback mechanism to assist funders and service delivers with developing, adjusting and implementing interventions to address community needs

Implementation of quality assurance initiatives such as:

OneClient Service Delivery Evaluations
Common Assessment Process (CAP)

Platforms to facilitate and leverage community resources such as Links2Work website, Information Sharing Agreements, Electronic Weekly Updates, and technology solutions

On-going professional consultation and collaboration to continuously enhance the sector and its ability to meet community needs in a timely and relevant fashion

London-Middlesex Immigrant Employment Council (LMIEC) engages London/Middlesex business leaders in reducing barriers to employment for internationally-trained individuals and, in doing so, recruit and retain a source of talent essential to sustaining our regional economy.