LMIEC logoA project of the ESCLM, the London-Middlesex Immigrant Employment Council bridges internationally trained talent and our region’s business community.


The LMIEC, formerly known as the London Middlesex Immigrant Employment Task Force, was established in 2007. The LMIEC engages London and Middlesex business leaders in reducing barriers to employment for internationally-trained individuals and, in doing so, recruits and retains a source of talent essential to sustaining our regional economy.

With 21.7% of our area population made up of immigrants to Canada, the LMIEC is bridging business to a world of local talent. A project of ESCLM, this employer-led LMIEC has representation from a broad range of industries to reflect the diversified regional economy.

Through the LMIEC’s action plan development phase, business leaders quickly determined that the regional tools are already in place for companies of all sizes to connect cost-effectively with new talent. Increasing the broader business community’s awareness and utilization of these supports was identified as the key challenge to be undertaken by the Council.

Business leaders recommended that in order to engage colleagues in their companies, networks and sector industries in leveraging international talent, employers themselves should share their successes in utilizing recruitment and retention resources.

With the continuing support of the City of London and the London Economic Development Corporation, a growing pool of employer leaders is championing employment for internationally-trained individuals.