Our member agencies offer an array of employment services that are specialized, client-centered and, in most instances, provided free of charge. All of our member organizations practice a "no wrong door approach", so clients will always get the services that are right for them, no matter who they contact. Members also offer services to help local employers; these can be found lower down on this page.


Directory of Services

This directory of services is organized by service type and is meant to help our member agency staff as well as clients access the wide variety of employment and training services available in the London-Middlesex community. The listing includes some basic information about available services and contact information. 


Please contact agencies directly for more information.

Services for Job Seekers and Those Seeking to Improve Their Skills

Employment Resource Centres

There are many Employment Resource Centres located in London and Middlesex County. These centres provide a variety of services, including personal, financial and employment counselling, access to computers and the internet, help with résumé and cover letter writing, access to job search tools, education upgrading and information on government programs. See a full list of Employment Resource Centres.

Employment Counselling

Our member agencies have employment counsellors on staff who can assess clients' employment situations, offer information about available resources in the community, and help create a plan for getting back to work.

Employment Readiness

Whether you or your clients are considering a career change or trying to decide on the right career, many of our agencies have services that can help. From individual vocational assessments to career planning workshops, you and your clients can get the guidance necessary in order to make an informed decision about employment options.

Skills Development and Training Opportunities

ESCLM member agencies have many training opportunities for employees and job seekers. These include continuing education programs, goverment funded initiatives to promote skill development, education upgrading, language instruction, and computer training. Please contact individual agencies for further information.

Services for Business

ESCLM members are committed to helping businesses find the right employees. Our agencies have many specialized services that can be tailored to your business needs. The majority of these services are available at no cost and they make attracting and retaining talented employees much easier.

Advertise Job Openings

Our agencies offer space, both physically and virtually, to advertise available openings in your company.

Prescreen Qualified Applicants

Our member agencies can screen their pool of employment seekers to match your job description with qualified applicants.

Hiring Incentive Programs

There are numerous employment incentive programs to help businesses hire new staff. The application processes for these incentives are often onerous. Our member agencies can provide you with information about these incentives and help you and your new employee(s) navigate through the process.

Workplace Readiness

Our agencies can help you make your workplace ready for a diverse and thriving staff. We can offer you the tools and technology necessary to accommodate employees who face specific barriers. Many of our agencies also provide workshops to create awareness and understanding in the workplace.

Post Employment

Support does not stop when the new applicant is hired. Our agencies continue to offer assistance to you and your new worker. Many of our agencies also offer on-the-job training and professional development opportunities for staff.

Foreign Credential Verification

We can facilitate foreign credential evaluation and help you understand international equivalencies. You can have confidence that your applicants are properly trained and ready to work.